Our hotel restaurant offers both European and Polish dishes, with special attention to traditional Silesian cuisine. This personality of Silesian gastronomy guarantees the traditional Silesian dishes prepared in full accordance with old, traditional recipes of native inhabitants of this soil.

Polish cuisine took over several popular Silesian dishes. Who doesn’t know Silesian dumplings and “żur”, a soup made from fermented flour? Traditional Silesian Sunday dinner including chicken soup with noodles, roulades, dumplings and red cabbage is the ultimate classic!

We guarantee all the Silesian dishes made from top quality food, according to old traditional recipes, without any semi-finished, frozen or artificially improved products.

Dear Guests and Customers,

The craft of our cooks, romantic ambiance as well as professional and friendly service create a splendid atmosphere for banquets, social and business meetings, occasional events, trainings and conferences.

Our Hotel Restaurant is at your service and we wish you rich culinary impressions.

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